We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new Zero series green prefab homes!

Simple and elegent, the Zero series homes include the vista0™, the ridge0™ and the contours0™. These new homes are designed with the goal of net zero energy in mind (aiming to produce as much energy as they need), and also to be healthy, comfortable, and smart. The spaces are designed to blur the boundary between the interior and exterior, "borrowing" space from the outdoors, and using the strategy of designing big rather than building big. Getting more out of less.

The contours0™ and the vista0™ designs pay as much attention to outdoor "rooms" as indoor rooms and utilize strategically placed windows, glass doors and skylights to maximize natural ventilation and utilize natural light. The ridge0™ takes cues from the Passivhaus principles of good insulation, southern orientation with shading, efficient windows and frames, air-tight building envelope, energy star appliances and lighting, and passive preheating of fresh air, all resulting in a low demand for space heating and cooling. In addition, the home designs allow for alternative energy systems such as photovoltaic solar power as well as water conserving systems such as rainwater catchment and graywater irrigation, where permitted.

The home options range in sizes between 422 square feet and 2,848 square feet.

From years of doing prefab green homes we have learned a lot about what works (as well as what doesn't) and have incorporated several "lessons learned" in these new designs:

  1. Minimize button up work / maximize what is done off-site.
  2. Have a system that not only offers economic efficiencies with repetition in module types, but also can provide a great variety of overall configurations so each home can be uniquely composed for specific site conditions and client goals.
  3. Use materials and systems that have been researched and tested for optimal balance of beauty, longevity, sustainability and cost.
  4. Optimize efficiencies of materials by designing their dimensions to shipping and construction "sweet spots", which reduces waste and costs.

These homes incorporate Michelle Kaufmann's tenets of sustainable design and environmentally-friendly materials. Your house can be LEED certified or we can work with you to obtain other green home building certifications like Build it Green, NAHB Green Building Standard, or your local green rating program. The homes are designed to utilize the best efficiencies of modular construction; we have partnered with Blazer Industries, a factory that has consistently produced the highest quality work for us over the years.

Studio 101 Designs is proud to be the exclusive provider of these prefab homes, designed in collaboration with Michelle Kaufmann Studio. Continuing with the mission of making thoughtful, sustainable design accessible, we are excited to build upon the work that we (and our amazing clients and colleagues) began in 2004 with Michelle Kaufmann Designs.